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VMS Platform

VMS (Voice Message System) by Telirco is a powerful communication tool that enables simultaneous calling and voice messaging to a large number of fixed and mobile phone contacts, utilizing extensive telecommunications infrastructure.

With VMS, you have full control over the timing of your voice messages. You can schedule them to be sent at a time that suits you or select the best time based on previous analyses for maximum impact.

The system provides detailed reporting, allowing you to view complete transaction histories, sent messages, and even the amount of time a user spent listening to your message. You can also edit and import contact lists in Excel format, conduct surveys to gauge customer satisfaction, and use the database of phone numbers included in the system.

Additionally, VMS eliminates the need for manual error correction by automatically removing incorrect phone numbers before sending messages. And, with the option to send messages to fixed landlines in addition to mobile phones, you can expand your reach and impact even further.

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