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We provide solutions for businesses and government organizations. Here are some of our services:

  1. Connecting with customers securely and easily using USSD technology: With this service, Telirco provides customers with a USSD code and a web panel. Customers can easily design their own USSD tree within a few minutes using the web panel, even with minimal technical knowledge. The USSD tree can be made available to all first and second mobile numbers. Few years back, few businesses could have imagined providing USSD communication solutions to their customers at a very low cost and in a short period of time. Our customers can use this infrastructure for the following purposes:
  • Designing inquiry scenarios: Many businesses and organizations receive various inquiry requests from their customers, which only require a few simple numerical data to provide a response in the form of a sentence, number, link, or image. This service can be easily implemented on the USSD platform.
  • Sales and payment collection from customers: Businesses can direct their customers to the USSD code to make payments for services such as purchasing airtime and paying bills or to pay for services of varying amounts, which can be implemented in Telirco’s USSD tree.
  • Designing registration scenarios: All customers of this Telirco service can easily simplify the registration process for their events for their customers. Registrations are often done through national ID numbers or mobile phone numbers, or even email addresses on web pages or in person. With Telirco’s USSD service, this process can be done instantly with customers dialling the organization’s USSD code.


We offer a range of innovative and secure telecommunications solutions for businesses and individuals. Below are some of our top services:

2. SMS Marketing: Telirco’s SMS Marketing service allows businesses to send targeted and personalized messages to their customers, promoting their products and services. Our platform offers advanced features such as analytics and scheduling, making it easy for businesses to optimize their campaigns and measure their results.

3. OTP Service via USSD: Our USSD solution is a secure and professional way for businesses and startups to verify their customers’ identity using OTP (One-Time Password) authentication without incurring SMS costs. We offer two ways to provide OTPs: receiving them via web service and displaying them to the customer in a USSD code, or generating OTPs on our platform and sending them to the business for verification.

4. Virtual Business Card: Telirco’s Electronic Business Card service is a combination of USSD and SMS, allowing businesses and professionals to create and share their contact details with ease. Users can also request appointments through the service, and send their business card details to other users.

5. Telirco Professional Call Center: Our Professional Call Center is a comprehensive telecommunications solution that provides businesses with features such as payment processing and advanced call routing. With Telirco, businesses can offer their customers a seamless and efficient call center experience.

6.Payment Service via Call Request: Our Payment Service via Call Request allows businesses to request payments from their customers through a web panel. Once the request is made, our platform connects the customer with a payment gateway, making the process fast and secure. This service is particularly useful for online businesses and those with recurring payments.

At Telirco, we are committed to providing the best telecommunications services to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

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