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Telirco’s SMS Gateway Product: A High-Quality Solution for Mobile Operators

Telirco’s SMS Gateway product is a powerful solution that enables mobile operators to manage SMS transactions between mobile phones and third-party internet services. With Telirco’s SMS Gateway, mobile operators can manage both SS7 and IP-based communications, providing them with the necessary tools to run a high-quality SMS Gateway.

Our SMS Gateway product offers a range of advanced features and cost-saving benefits that are essential for today’s mobile operators. The product’s high quality of service ensures that operators can provide their customers with top-notch services that meet their needs and expectations.

Additionally, our SMS Gateway product can serve as an SMS hubbing backbone, enabling SMS transactions between the ICT industry and mobile phones or the internet. With Telirco’s SMS Gateway, operators can connect to telco equipment via SS7 signaling and SMSCs via SMPP, and our SDP takes care of managing the sub-systems, primary customers, and SMS operators.

Our SMS Gateway product also provides customers with a range of features, including service accounts, scalable SMS throughput, rich IP interfaces (SMPP, HTTP, API), and a web-based administration interface for configuration, status, and add-ons.

At Telirco, we pride ourselves on offering competitively priced products and services that meet our customers’ unique needs. Our team of software experts and cutting-edge protocols allows us to provide our customers with top-of-the-line solutions that guarantee a good start and continued success.

We offer a three-month pilot program, during which we install and launch our SMS Gateway at the customer’s site, allowing them to experience our product’s powerful capabilities. With our strong execution and pilot program, we can provide our products and services at competitive prices while maintaining high quality. Contact us today to learn more about how Telirco’s SMS Gateway can benefit your mobile operations.

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