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IVR System

Telirco’s IVR platform (Telirco Interactive Voice Response System)

Telirco’s IVR platform is one of the most powerful VoIP software solutions available, offering a range of features with the best user interface on the Asterisk platform. The software was initially designed and developed for value-added services on mobile and fixed-line operator systems, which have gained increasing attention from operators and users alike in recent years. IVR systems are now being implemented on fixed-line telephones in various provinces. The wide customer base and usage of this service have created a need for operators to have a customer management and sales system to increase their revenue. The existence of this platform enhances service delivery to customers, fulfilling their requests in the best possible way.

Some benefits of Telirco’s IVR system include:

  • Quick registration of requests and following up on the registration process online and via SMS to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The full administrative process of each service is completed, resulting in increased administrative order in the operator’s structure.
  • Service grouping based on content and income reporting, providing sufficient insights to analysts.
  • Accurate financial reports based on each service for settling accounts with service providers and connecting to the operator’s charging system to update and calculate subscribers’ charge balances in real-time.
  • The ability to create different packages based on the number of calls, pricing, content, and service numbers increases the marketability of the system.
  • The professional user interface and easy-to-use platform make working with the system enjoyable, with the most robust reports and settings accessible with minimal clicks for both the manager and the user.

Our platform offers a variety of features for managing your business needs efficiently. One of the most significant advantages of using our platform is the ability to design and edit a tree structure, manage audio files, rate each node, and manage access codes for each node.

Here are some of the additional features you can enjoy when designing your tree structure:

  • Upload and categorize audio files
  • Create a question and answer scenario
  • Play audio files randomly
  • Divert (transfer) calls
  • Receive and register codes
  • Suggestions and received message box
  • Play audio files in a sequential order
  • Transfer to other system services
  • Programming module in each node (coding and using custom scenarios and web services)
  • Create a quiz scenario
  • Define special rates for each node, separate from the system’s primary rate
  • Define authorized and unauthorized access codes for each node
  • Referral of users from one node to another

There are other features available that can be utilized for services on our platform, including:

  • Adding service types (you can categorize services into different types and view service performance reports based on their type. For example, religious services, consulting services, etc.)
  • Creating a service package (service packages are used for pricing and costing services)
  • In the “numbers” section, the administrator must enter the list of authorized numbers for each service type. This can be done individually or in groups with an Excel file.
  • In the “reports” menu, you can monitor incoming calls in real-time. You can also view the nodes each contact has visited during their tree traversal and how long they have stopped at each node.
  • In the “reports” menu, you can also access various financial reports, service performance reports, and system-wide revenue by day and month.
  • In the “received information” menu, you can access registered codes, quiz answers, payments made, and messages received for each service.

Our content providers can also request services from scratch through the panel provided to them.

At Telirco, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and efficient interactive voice response (IVR) system for businesses of all sizes. Our IVR platform offers a comprehensive solution that is designed to streamline your communication process and enhance customer experience.

Our platform allows you to design and edit your IVR tree, manage audio files, set node rates, and manage authorized numbers for each node. Some of the other features you can enjoy include:

  • Uploading and categorizing audio files
  • Creating question and answer scenarios
  • Random audio file playback
  • Receiving and registering codes
  • Suggestions and received messages box
  • Sequential audio file playback
  • Transfer to other system services
  • Module coding for each node (coding and using custom web services and scenarios)
  • Creating contest scenarios
  • Setting special rates for each node separately from the system’s main rate
  • Defining authorized and unauthorized numbers for entering each node
  • Referral of users from one part of the IVR tree to another

Our platform also offers other features that can be used for the services:

  • Adding service type (services can be classified into different types and their performance can be monitored based on their type, such as religious, counseling, etc.)
  • Creating a service package (service packages are used for pricing and service cost)
  • In the Numbers section, the manager must enter the list of authorized numbers for use by service type. This can be done individually or in groups using an Excel file.

In the Reports menu, you can monitor real-time incoming calls and see which nodes each contact has visited and how long they stayed in each node. You can also view financial reports, service performance, and system revenue by day and month.

In the Received Information menu, you can access registered codes, contest answers, payments made, and received messages by each service type.

Content providers can also request services from the panel provided to them from the beginning, as our platform is designed to be flexible and easily customizable to meet your business needs.

Choose Telirco’s IVR platform today and take the first step towards improving your customer experience.


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