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Parsip Call Center

Parsip is a Call Center platform designed for managing inbound and outbound calls. With Parsip, you can easily design the call tree of your business and use the internal management facilities and dozens of other features with minimum technical knowledge. Integrating Parsip with phone payment doubles the power of your business and increases customer satisfaction.

Why Parsip? | Telirco Call Center

  • Accurate Reports: View accurate reports of inbound and outbound calls, customer satisfaction surveys, and payment amounts.
  • Call Tree Design: Design complex call trees and scenarios for inbound calls.
  • Separate User Panel: Optimize hardware resources to manage the telecommunication infrastructure of your business.
  • Integration with CRM: Use all the features of a CRM within the Parsip Call Center platform.
  • Simple Ticket Management: Create tickets for each call and refer them between operators, define contacts with different categories in each ticket.
  • Efficient Use of Hardware Resources: Optimize the use of hardware resources to manage the telecommunication infrastructure of businesses.
  • Connection to Telephone Payment Service: Connect to the TELEPOS service of the company to receive more accurate payment reports.

Revolutionize the way you manage your call center with Telirco’s Parsip IVR. Our advanced system is designed to provide you with all the features you need to streamline your call center’s operations.

With Parsip IVR, you can easily upload single or multiple audio files to use in your service’s tree structure. You can also move nodes in the tree structure using drag and drop.

Our system offers a variety of node types for you to create your tree structure, including:

  • Message Playback: Play a single or a series of audio files for your callers.
  • Conference Call: Create a conference room and invite participants to join by calling the company number and entering the conference room extension and password.
  • Phone Payment: Generate an extension for receiving payments from your customers, or direct your operators to guide callers to the payment node to complete a transaction. This unique feature plays a vital role in boosting business revenue.
  • Transfer: Redirect calls to external numbers, including landlines and mobile phones. The system’s administrator can also view the cost of each transfer in a separate report.
  • Question and Answer: Record requests, provide tracking codes to callers, record responses, and play back responses. This node type is easily implemented in Parsip IVR with a few clicks.
  • Code Entry and Recording: Receive numeric data such as national codes or tracking numbers from your callers. The data can be used in other nodes in the web service.
  • Random Playback: Play a random audio file from a group of files.
  • Module: Use specific functions in this node to implement scenarios.

Take advantage of all these features and more by switching to Telirco’s Parsip IVR | Call Center today!

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