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Welcome to Telirco’s E-Office platform, your one-stop-shop for all your virtual office needs. Our platform provides you with the necessary telecommunication infrastructure to set up your virtual office easily.

With our platform, you can purchase one or multiple phone numbers and choose any number of internal extensions for your operators. You can design the hierarchy of your central office and connect any part of it to any internal extension of your operators, who can be located at your physical office or anywhere else.

As a business manager, you can monitor your operator’s call activities and access reports on incoming and outgoing calls. Our platform is currently available in Turkey, where you can purchase a local phone number to expand your business in the country.

Benefits of using Telirco’s E-Office platform include cost-saving, enhanced credibility, increased productivity, better customer communication, and improved staff performance. Our platform is ideal for small and large startups, internet-based businesses, freelancers, remote companies, and international companies with multiple branches in different countries.

Our platform provides you with various features, such as file distribution nodes, interactive voice response design, conference rooms, fax management, call reporting, and operator-assisted outbound calling.

Choose Telirco’s E-Office platform and experience the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency of a virtual office.

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Experience creative and flexible solutions to grow your business with Telirco. Our advanced platform offers tailored connectivity and communication solutions to help your business thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

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