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What is Parsip (Telirco IVR platform)?

Parsip IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is designed to manage incoming calls online and offline. Any contact established with the system can be considered as a session created on the USSD platform. However, in Parsip, there is no limit to the information that is provided from the organization to the audience and the audience can easily transfer their numeric and phonetic information. Parsip has the ability to integrate with any platform and software.

 Parsip Specifications

  • Connect to Billing Operators
  • Ability to define unlimited number of users  with different access levels
  • Build unlimited types of trees
  • View a detailed report of service performance Different and earnings
  • Possibility to create value for each node In the trees

 Parsip Capabilities

  • Easy to use system

 Parsip system with a simple and professional interface can create and manage the most sophisticated IVR tree.

  • System Accuracy

Calculating contact details with a precision of one hundredth of a second for each caller has provided the system's precision factor at its highest level. Parsip can create in-house contact details for tree nodes and provide the power to create multi-dimensional systems.

  • Security and reliability of the system 

No information (wallet code, card number, second password, etc.) will be on the receiver's side and will reduce the risk of financial mismanagement. Payment receipts via SMS, USSD, etc.,Ensures customers and recipients of their successful payment

  • Access and Speed of the system

Parsip system has the ability to manage and respond quickly to the huge amounts of concurrent calls.



what is vms?

What is VMS?

Voice messaging system is a web-based, automatic outbound dialling solution that initiates automated phone calls to deliver a prerecorded phone message

Features of VMS:

  • Communicate with an entire contact list with prerecorded phone messages
  • Advertise daily specials and monthly promotions via a voice message broadcast
  • Send emergency alerts through voice message software
  • Notify customers of upcoming billing dates or past due invoices with a professional voicemail message
  • Relay company information and alerts to employees via broadcast messaging
  • Create surveys and polls with phone trees with recorded telephone messages