This system is designed to increase sales of Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) Or even other products . The main feature of this system is the use of the capacity of C2C marketing. In other words, the power or potential of Word of mouth marketing. Experience has shown that consumers are looking for points and benefits . Especially when these privileges have a financial advantage for them . Rematag believes that using simplification techniques on the tool of Referal Marketing can persuade people to simply get involved in this system .



Our goal is to create a complete product distribution chain system .In this way, each person with his own purchase and the introduction of another person to buy a product can receive a certain percentage of the amount of subsequent purchases of that person and its introduced persons up to three levels under the heading of Poursant. This way, the products in this system have the capability of promoting the word of mouth marketing the members.

Rematag Service to leverage the effectiveness of friends and family, contributed to the cycle of production and sale of country goods and provides a chain of trust and synergy.  Rematag is a win - win game for all actors, including the final buyers of goods and services, recommendations , manufacturers, producers ,  and ultimately the country's economy .

Another issue that highlighted the role of Rematg as a lever to increase sales ,is increasing customer loyalty and consumption of goods.

This is important due to the introduction a familiar person or family there and through a revenue-sharing model can bold Rematg more there . That would cost people without being charged for the purchase of goods or services , only the introduction of the product to the buyer, the goods producing partner and  to reduce the cost of advertising for the manufacturer it will make the introducer and the final buyer more satisfied. 


The tool makes this system the simplest, most attractive and fastest telecommunications platform .USSD with SMS is the most important components of this system. Just having a mobile phone with minimal features 2G People can be a part of this system and make money . Using the platforms of USSD,SMS and IVR with no need for smartphones, apps or even the Internet, makes this model of marketing more attractive.

Benefits of Rematag


1- Shoppers can earn an income purchasing products and provide a part of their daily necessities .

2- Buyers actually help domestic producers buying Rematag products.

3- Buyers don't just make money buying it directly .They can make money introducing their friends and families and other relations to buy from these Rematag products. They can earns up 2 level, and earning money through the credentials of each person increases the incentive to operate the system .

4- To encourage buyers to introduce another buyer, it will  given 0.2 Rima to them.

Production Suppliers

1- Manufacturers can benefit from the potential customers of the system registering their products on this system.

2- Manufacturers can target and reduce their advertising costs participating in the system, while also making more sales .

3- Manufacturers can incentivize system members registering their products on this system and assigning timed beans to their products and providing them with the ability to liquidate any product on a given date.

4- The manufacturer's hand is open to allocate advertising funds for each item of merchandise . This means that for each item can be arbitrary code with the Rima order .

5- The manufacturer at any time order expiration codes for Rema . As such, the hands of the manufacturer are open to encourage the rapid purchase of their goods / services .

6- In order to order much, the high cost of purchasing Rema code will reduce so much.

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