Abricode is the cloud version of the TelirCo service called “USSD management system”.

TelirCo USSD Platform called Abricode as a brand name. For more information about Abricode (USSD Platform), please check Abricode linkedin showcase page.

USSD: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (Meaning unstructured complementary data) is the protocol used cellular-based phones GSM Is used to communicate with the service provider’s computer systems. Of the codes USSD With titles like “quick codes.” “(Or Quick Codes) and “feature codes.”

USSD benefits for businesses

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In USSD, there is no need for an Internet connection and it can also be used where there is no Internet access.

In USSD Unlike mobile apps, the information is not saved locally.

In USSD Unlike mobile apps, there is no need to install any software on the device.

Introducing this code on various channels (site, billboard, business card, brochure, etc.) is simpler than a mobile app.

It can be used on a smart or feature phones.

Parsip is the brand name of TelirCo IVR/VMS service. A service for managing incoming and outgoing calls and voice messages online.

In our product sections, IVR and VMS, you can review the full description of this service.

TelirCo provides customers with a 724 support. Every customer will be connect to a support team. Every time they need any support, they can connect us easily.

To order a service (USSD, IVR, VMS or TelnPay), you can contact the company, the Telirco team will contact you to set an appointment for a demo.

Yes, there is a possibility to provide a trial service for any of our services: USSD, IVR, VMS or Telnpay.

Companies and organizations, they can use USSD as a tool to provide value-added services within their organization.

Small and personal businesses can also pay for their products and services through the system USSD to sell.

one of the sample way to make money out of USSD is Virtual Business Cards. You can read the related content here.

For more information about USSD uses in Businesses, check out TelirCo Blog.

In SMS , the customer pays the fee but in most operators, USSD is a way more cheaper or even free.

Beginning the communicating with SMS  is with the organization while on USSD Beginning is from customer and there is no sense of interference  for the customer in this method.

Yes, it depends on the regulations in your country. However in many regions using USSD is a practical payment method.

Every USSD short code setup has a minimum of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months contract agreement.

No, there is currently no monthly access fee on the Shared USSD Short code. The Dedicated USSD Short code comes with a quarterly maintenance fee. Contact us for details.

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