5G technology

What is 5G technology? | How to prepare the business for 5G?

We can't be indifferent about what is happening now and in the future. There were lots of businesses that working so good. But they didn't be conscious about the changes around them. We are going to reach to 5G technology. Is our business ready for that? There is an article in Forbes "What Is 5G Technology And How Must Businesses Prepare For It?" which tell us about how to be ready for the 5G technology and the effects of it on our business.

What is 5G?

5G stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless.

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Many industry experts believe that 5G networks alongside existing 4G LTE networks will be 10 to 20 times faster than 4G when fully deployed in the real world. Standalone 5G could reach gigabit-plus browsing speeds, making mobile internet as fast, if not faster, than hardwired fiber connections.(Forbes)

5G technology

How to make the business ready for 5G technology?

The world is already mobile. According to Bernard Marr, 5G technology could help businesses increase efficiency, production, and innovative breakthroughs as well as reduce costs. Unfortunately, Barclays' polling found that only 28 percent of businesses understand 5G or the practical business possibilities it could offer. In order to reap the benefits of 5G when it gets launched, business leaders must:

·        Budget for the investment: At least initially, 5G hardware will be more expensive than 4G. It will be important to have 5G-ready equipment when there’s a full-scale launch of the technology.

·        Plan for the new wave of automation and artificial intelligence: Since 5G lowers latency, there will be changes to how businesses will rely on their mobile networks. Businesses should work with engineers to re-think areas of operations where machines can be automated, and machine learning/artificial intelligence can be applied.

·        Fortify your big data analytics: Data will grow at an accelerated pace with the growth of automation and artificial intelligence. Companies should ensure they have the data analytics tools capable of gleaning insights from this data.

·        5G education: Leaders and their employees need to understand what 5G is and how it can support business goals. All need to be on the lookout for ways 5G can positively impact the business.

·        Create a 5G strategy: 5G needs to be explored, and the process or product changes that might be required or facilitated due to 5G need to be considered.

Whether your business will see the impact of 5G in one or five years, it’s coming. Businesses must prepare for the technology today in order to achieve the performance improvements the technology offers.

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