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USSD Banking is a service which make it able to access a range of  bank services using a specific code. Some benefits of using USSD banking codes are:

·          No internet is need 

·          There is no charge for using these command codes

We will talk more about other benefits in following.

Different Iranian banks are also using these USSD codes to make it easier for their clients to provide non-formal services to their customers, here is the list of USSD banking codes which use in Iranian banks.

USSD banking

List of USSD banking codes of Iranian Banks

Below is a table showing the USSD banking codes. It shows you the Iranian banks and their services .Including Sepah Bank, National Bank, Agricultural Bank, Resalat Bank, Ansar Bank, Modern Economics Bank, Bank of Dey, Future Bank, Mellat Bank, City Bank, Trade Bank, Saman Bank, Pasargad Bank, Export Bank and



Bank name

code USSD

services rendered

Ayandeh Bank


Recharge Purchase - Internet Package - Rubica Services - Lens Services - Periodic Services

EN Bank


Recharge Purchase - Internet Package - Rubica Services - Bonus - Bill Payment - Second Code

Ansar Bank


Buy Charging - Internet Package - Account Discount - Money Transfer - Paying Bills - Loans - Charity - Disposable Password - Changing Password - Card Blocking - Reports - Get an IBAN code

Parsian Bank


Buy Charging - Internet Package - Bill Payment - Bank Wallet Charge - Peer Card Charging - Periodic Service - Change Password 

Pasargad Bank


Charging Shopping - Internet Package - Paying Bills - Charity - Earthquake - Award - Partner

Hekmat Bank


Purchase Recharge - Internet Package - Balance - Money Transfer - Bill Payment - Benchmark - Card Blocking - Loan - Check - Bills - Get Dinner - Bank Card Services - Deposit Interest Rates - Branch List -exchange rate - Grantable Facilities

Saman Bank


Pay Traffic Plan, Benefit, Charity, Cost ADSL, Irancell Products - Bill Payment - Charge Purchase - Purchase Internet Package - Card to Card - Periodic Services

Sepah Bank


Recharge Purchase - Internet Package - Bill Payment - Lottery


Saderat Bank



Agriculture Bank


Charging Shopping - Internet Package - Bill Payment - Charity - Irancell Products

Maskan Bank


Card Services - Account Services - Account Balance - Charge Purchase - Bill Payment - Charge toll label

Mellat Bank


Buy Charging - Internet Package - Paying Bills - Balances - Remittances - One-Time-Loans - Checks - Sheba Numbers - Bonds - Interest Rates

Melli Bank


Buying Charges - Internet Package - Paying Bills - Charity - Wallets - Insurance - Buying Specific Products

What can be done with USSD Banking codes?

  1. Money transfer
  2. Inventory declaration
  3. Buy charging from different operators
  4. Pay bills
  5. Purchase internet packages from different operators
  6. Help the charities

USSD and charity

What is Other benefits and applications of USSD Banking Codes?

  • No need for internet and texting
  • It's free
  • No need to install any software or change mobile settings
  • Availability
  • Purchase charge directly
  • Register multiple bank cards in one SIM card
  • No need to go to the bank
  • Very fast transfer and response speed due to no need to store requests
  • No need to enter specific menus from mobile and easily send dialing and pressing buttons Call
  • High security factor due to the use of sound space
  • To use, a bank card number and a second password are required and other card information such as CVV2 and no expiration date is required.
  • Reduce inner city travel and increase electronic services.
  • Take advantage of the service, even if you use the simplest cell phones.

USSD Banking Conclusion

As mentioned in this article USSD in today's society can be a great help to do things quickly. You can also easily use USSD Banking codes. 

If you like to read more about this, you can check  USSD For Banking | Pasargad Bank in Iran

One of Our Clients which has used TelirCo USSD platform is Pasargad Bank.

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