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What are Telecommunication companies?

Telecommunications companies provide services in telephony, television, internet or any other means of transmission.

What is Telecommunication?

The telecommunications is a technique used to transmit a message from one place to another, so that its main characteristic is to be bidirectional.

Thus, the term "telecommunication" will include all kinds of remote communications via telephone, television, internet, radio or telegraphy.

In summary, it is any emission and / or reception of data, voice, images, signs or sounds through transmission channels of any nature such as optical, physical cables, electromagnetic systems, etc. The essential elements involved in the exercise of telecommunication are the transmitter, the receiver and the transmission channel.

Telecommunication Companies

According to the previous definition, telecommunications companies are all those entities that provide services oriented to the hiring of telephone lines, internet connection or pay-TV, as the most outstanding features.

In this way, telecommunications companies are characterized boosting communication through the use of the latest technologies in the market, thus providing efficient services in the different branches of telecommunications. The following are some of the specialities that can be accessed these types of companies:

- Telecommunications consulting.
- Automatic porters.
- Audio conferences.
- Satellite dishes.
- Fax and switchboards.
- Communicator radios.
- Internet.
- Mobile and fixed telephony.
- Digital terrestrial television.
- Public address system.
- WiFi antennas.

According to this, any of the branches for which the telecommunication company opts, the main purpose for which said company should be guided will be the continuous improvement of its technological processes, thus being the latest in innovations and evolution appeared in the technology market.

Due to its rapid and constant evolution, qualified personnel and specific departments should be available for monitoring. In addition to having the resources, both material and monetary, to deal with the improvements made. In Iran, there are many telecommunications companies, the best known are those in the mobile phone sector such as Hamrah-aval, Irancell, Rightel. There are some companies which make the telecom process simple for businesses, Telirco is one of them.

What is Telirco?


TelirCo, an Iranian tech company, was established in 2013 in response to a growing need for good quality services and solutions in the Telecommunication Industry in Iran. TelirCo is a software solution provider. It's main focus is to bring the best out of the 2G technologies that already are accessible to most of the people around the world. TelirCo provides businesses with solutions for communication-based on the USSD, SMS and Voice technologies.

TelirCo as one of the few knowledge-based firms in Telecom is recognized the Science and Technology Vice-Presidency, providing total solutions, SaaS and PaaS in the telecom industry, mostly on voice, SMS and USSD infrastructures.

Telirco Services


What is USSD?

It is a way very similar to SMS or text message but that allows you to make operations selecting with the keys of your cell phone as if you were in an application. This means that instead of writing the word “RECHARGE 30G" to the short number *100#, for example; you would have to dial the option * 100#, then press 1 for recharge and the number 3 for 30G internet just as an example.

It is very easy to use and also does not cost, also it does not consume the internet so do not worry if you ran out of megates!

USSD in Modern Era

There are lots of uses of USSD which we could use in modern era. Some of them are in USSD in Modern Era Telirco Blog post

How USSD can benefits the businesses?

USSD is a good,fast and cheap channel for every organization to run their business and be in contact with their customers.

How to make money from USSD?

If you are looking for a new position, or if you are a good sales expert in Telecom field, or even if you have an invest and you like to run a quick and Profitable business,so you can search more about USSD platform .

Telirco make this opportunity for you if you could put us in contact with any MNO or MVNO of your country. We can have agood collaboration and there is a considerable amount of revenue for you as a commission. 

There is another way to run a businesss with USSD, here you can read more about it.

In this video, we can check out the benefits of USSD for a business.



What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system technology that interacts with the callers, gathers the required information and routes the calls to the particular appropriate recipient. TelirCo has explaind more about this platform on its BLOG. You can finde the answer of these question on that.

How IVR can benefits the businesses?
What are IVR disadvantages?!


What is VMS?

VMS stands for lots of phrases. But VMS in Telecommunication Services stands for Voice Messaging System. 

There are other phrases like:

  • Voice Messaging Solution
  • Voice Messaging Service 
  • Voice Mail System
How VMS can benefits the businesses?

There are lots of benefits if your business needs to call a group of people. 

Features to make automated calling better for you and your group

Our automated calling service is designed with the needs of groups in mind. Features include:

  • Custom Caller ID

    change the Caller ID on your calls to be your phone number or use a CallMultiplier message playback number

  • Message playback number

    your members can call this number and we will replay the last message you sent to them

  • Answering machine detection 

  members receive a full message on calls going to voicemail

  • Polling

  Ask a question in your message and receive touch-tone responses from your members

  • Schedule messages 

  send your automated calls immediately or choose a specific date and time


What is Telnpay?

This is TelirCo new service. We will explain more about this service as soon as possible.


Telirco Mission

We want to create an opportunity for every business and organization to build and improve their communication channels with their customers.

Telirco Team

At TelirCo, the team of experts has been building USSD Platform , IVR/VMS for 5 years and it has seen so many different kinds of requirements and various environments. No problem is too big, or too small. And nothing makes Telirco team happier than solving them.

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Telirco Customers

Telirco's services are provided for clients ranging from small enterprise to very large organizations in Iran, including Presidency institute, Information Technology Organization of Iran, Social Security Organization of Iran, MTN Irancell, Saman bank, Ansar Bank, Irankish PSP,  Fanap, Rightel, Aryan Telecom.

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