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Four Smart Ways In Which USSD Campaigns Benefit Businesses

  1. Use USSD codes on all social media campaigns as your ‘call to action’ – this sifts the response to those genuinely interested.
  2. Market research is a cinch to run – coding can provide invaluable information and feedback from your entire user base.
  3. USSD is safe for instant donations
  4. The USSD platform is perfect for coupons, vouchers, free WiFi, in-house discounts the moment they walk into a store.


USSD marketing campaign

Running A Successful USSD Campaign

We understand that cell phone marketing is the new ‘telemarketing’ arm but with one massive difference. Instead of irritating potential customers at an inappropriate time, USSD coded campaigns leave the ball entirely in the customer’s hands. That tiny differentiation has created the freedom needed to generate client response as never before.

A successful USSD campaign for your business requires three vital criteria. We need to deliver:

  1. The right message.
    Of course, we want to drive our brand and USSD can do that via the back door without in-your-face messaging. But customer engagement is key, with surveys performing exceptionally well for engagement and a rapid response. Once we have the ‘bird in the trap’, so to speak, we can throw the crumbs in – the coupons, the discounts, the rewards and the pass-on-to-friends for bonus offers.
  2. The right time and place.
    The marvel of mobile technology means we can obtain critical information to help us steer our campaigns. For example, information such as consumer location information, when they are using their devices, and when the response rate is highest is gold. Stats like this are key to improving campaigns.
  3. The right format.
    Case in point was Coca-Cola’s campaign in Kenya, which enabled consumers to browse through a ‘zero-rated’ USSD menu. You guessed it – ‘zero-rated’ turned out to be two irresistible words to any shopper. So, know where people’s minds are at, use sports events and the like, employ someone with great rhetoric and word suss, know how to put a spin on things.  Happily, customers now are well familiar with the *’s and #’s needed for USSD – what are we waiting for?


In the past, developing USSD applications was a specialized activity that was typically performed network engineers who had some level of professional training. Just see how many USSD developer jobs are listed on LinkedIn.

Over the last few years, banks and other large companies have deployed their USSD applications at great cost due to the engineering effort and equipment required. Until very recently, individuals and small organizations could never even dream of building their own USSD apps.

But now, something truly incredible has happened, with the end result being it’s suddenly become very easy for developers to build USSD apps.

The utility of USSD has exceeded use cases far beyond what its designers originally imagined.


Telirco can provide the USSD Platform for every businesses in less than two weeks.




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