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What is an SMS web service and what does it do?

Web SMS or SMS Web Service is a professional service for managing and sending bulk SMS via a web panel that is used for business purposes.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a service from mobile networks to send and receive text messages with the help of mobile networks, which has been one of the greatest achievements of industry and human technology in recent decades. It counts. The first SMS system technology was first developed the famous company Vodafone in 1992 and soon spread around the world, greatly contributing to the development and advancement of today’s mobile networks.

The SMS messaging service was launched in Iran in early 2002. In 2007, the Persian equivalent of this service was introduced as SMS, and from that year until now, the official name of SMS in Iran was SMS or SMS. Although the service was initially used solely to connect text between two mobile devices via mobile networks, the service’s high potential for commercial purposes soon became apparent.

Over the past decade or two, many companies have used SMS for economic purposes and even for modern digital marketing. But of course, these companies don’t do it the traditional way. They do this for specific services and packages, known as SMS web services.

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What is the SMS sending service?

One of the new methods of advertising is the method of sending voice messages, which has certain advantages over the methods of sending text messages.

With the advancement of industry and technology, many ways have been provided on the Internet. Methods that allow for fast, accurate, and professional communication in large dimensions for businesses. One of the most useful of these systems is the SMS sending service. The SMS sending service is an advanced and intelligent system, also known as SMS Gateway. This service, as its name implies, is a subscription service.

With the help of such a system, you can send a lot of short messages to the mobile number bank and send hundreds and thousands of text messages to your contacts without the slightest effort and in just a few moments. This can be done an advanced and advanced internet panel, but at the same time simple and conceptual. Web messaging service is a great way for companies that want to connect with the largest possible number of contacts and customers in the shortest possible time and pass on their important information to them.

It is important to note that the web service makes sending SMS even more useful than similar communications on the Internet, meaning that users do not need any Internet or special tools to receive these messages; Because contacts may spend a lot of time during the day without being connected to the Internet, and therefore the best or perhaps the only effective way to connect with them in such a situation is SMS. All you need to do is contact an audience that has a simple mobile phone (even without an Internet connection). Such a comprehensive and powerful system has led to the emergence of even a separate topic called SMS Marketing in the world of digital and even traditional business.

Buy the best SMS panel with the desired number

If you are a business owner and you are looking to attract more customers, the best solution for you is to buy the best SMS panel with the desired number…

If you are a business owner and want to stay in touch with your customers or are looking to attract more customers, the best solution for you is to use the SMS panel. But join us in this article to help you buy the best SMS panel with the desired number.

SMS panels are software that allows you to send bulk promotional text messages, discounts, announcements, etc. to your customers or target audiences. But SMS panels also have special features, which we’ll explain below.

What are the features of the best SMS panel?

One of the features of SMS panels is the ability to send and receive SMS. With SMS panels, you can send text messages to your customers at the moment, or survey them receiving a text message. But you may be wondering what to do with start-ups that currently have limited customers and numbers. The answer is simple: there are ready-made numbers in the bank that you can buy.

Other features of the best SMS panel include sending SMS based on geographical area, age, and gender, job status, sending via Excel file, sending BTS SMS and sending via Google Maps. You can also see the text message report in the panel on how many contacts the SMS has reached.

Types of SMS panels

In total, there are two types of SMS panels: user application panel and agency application panel.

The SMS panel is limited to users who can send promotional or occasional text messages. The user name panel is divided into two types of web-based user panels and web-based user panels. But the dealership’s SMS panel is one of the ways to earn money. An agency panel is a parent panel where you can create unlimited users and monetize your user’s submissions.

Why do I need to create an SMS panel for my business?

All businesses need to buy the best SMS panel with the desired number to attract the audience and create a relationship between their customers. You can congratulate your customers on their birthdays purchasing an SMS panel to attract customer loyalty.

You can also send them thank-you notes for customer purchases. Applications and sites also use SMS panels to send the registration code and activation code.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items
Before buying a panel, measure the facilities and services provided and compare them with other panels.
The comparison criterion is not just the low price of the panel; Because it is possible to sell less.
Depending on the type of business and your goal, choose the most appropriate panel.
Use the free advice of Telirco experts and make the best decision
But the important thing is, how do we send text messages to audiences who have blocked their promotional text messages and make sure they get the text message? To get the answer to this question, read our article “Service Assumption Panel” and with the guidance of Telirco Consultants, proceed to purchase the best SMS panel with the desired number. Telirco provides services to its customers in full compliance with the country’s telecommunications laws.

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Service SMS panel | Check the difference between a service SMS panel and an advertising panel

There are two types of SMS sending systems: the SMS service panel and the SMS advertising panel.

The service SMS panel is used to send passwords, activation codes, mobile number verifications, etc., which are sent to all numbers, even blacklisted numbers.

Why should I have a service SMS panel?

As you know, our lives today are impossible without mobile phones. According to official figures, 95% of the population uses mobile phones. 98% of mobile phone users always keep their mobile phones with them, and more interestingly, 89% of people check their mobile phones while sleeping, and as soon as they wake up. So mobile-based marketing has become one of the most important marketing strategies in the world. For all businesses that want to show themselves in the market and introduce their brand, using the ads that are shown to each person on the phone screen is the best solution.

For this purpose, you can use the SMS sending panel to display your ads without intermediaries and faster. But this may be a question for you that some people have added promotional numbers to the blacklist and are not being texted?

The solution is to use a service SMS panel. In the following article, we will discuss the conditions, application and 2 of this panel.

The difference between a service SMS panel and an advertising line

Suppose we want to register on a site or application, you must confirm your mobile number to complete the registration. If you block the sending of promotional SMS and add it to the so-called blacklist or blacklist, this SMS containing the activation code will not be sent to you. But if the owners of the site or application or any business use the SMS service panel to send such text messages, the SMS will be sent to you regardless of the blacklist.

Application of SMS service panel in businesses

Websites and online stores

If you own a website or online store that requires SMS confirmation or notification of purchases and notifications to the SMS panel, you can use the SMS service panel. The panel is also able to send text messages to blacklists.

Application SMS service panel

You can use the SMS service panel to send the confirmation code for applications.

Schools, offices and organizations

Schools, offices and organizations, from small businesses to large businesses, need to send ads and information. The SMS service panel meets this need.

Terms of purchase of SMS service panel

To convert advertising lines to a dedicated service number, you must have a law firm and a national registration ID, complete a service commitment, and send it with a promissory note to Telirco (Honam Tejarat Pars) so that your documents can be delivered to the operator for the service process. .

Steps to provide service line commitment

To service the line, it is better to pay attention to the following items, so that the process of servicing your line is more reliable because if you do not follow the following rules, the operator will return your request and you will have to solve the problems and shortcomings. Send services, and this will waste your time, so doing the following will help you get the service line up faster.

Read the steps to service different types of lines and commitment in our other articles.

What should you do to provide a service SMS panel commitment?
All commitments must be typed and submitted to the company’s letterhead.
All commitments must be scanned and sent with appropriate quality.
In 1000 and 021 operators, sending the original commitment letter is mandatory.
Note that the commission form of landline operators varies.
How do I get a service SMS panel for my business?
The first thing anyone usually does is search on Google. When you do a Google search, you come across different systems. You need to check the features and services of that system and then choose.

But the main thing you need to do is contact Telirco and get advice. You can easily have a service panel and use our free advice. Click on the link below to receive advice and registration.

International sms

International SMS panel and its benefits

The more your brand or business aims to attract international customers, the more the importance of the international SMS panel becomes apparent.

The importance of an international SMS panel becomes more apparent when your brand or business aims to attract more customers. Today, the field of SMS marketing has become one of the basic sectors of multichannel marketing and is very important in the digital marketing sector and is introduced as one of the cores of marketing.

In this article, we try to introduce you to the benefits of having an international SMS panel, so stay tuned.

4 Benefits of International SMS Panel

It is an immediate and direct marketing channel
SMS is one of the most instantaneous channels available so that the percentage of text read is about 97% in 15 minutes.

Surveys have shown that about 45% of successful SMS campaigns return ROI. If your business is international, you can create an SMS channel for your marketing department in neighboring countries such as Iraq.

Ability to integrate with other marketing channels
One of the most important principles in marketing is that all channels should work well together, but SMS is no exception and can support both independent channels and other marketing channels such as social media and emails.

For example, if you remind your customer of your email marketing in the UK sending an SMS to the UK where your customer is, this will increase the likelihood that the email will open 20 to 30 percent.

With the International SMS panel, you can get more information from your customers
The International SMS Panel is one of the best channels to receive customer feedback via SMS survey. Statistics show that, on average, 31% of customers respond to SMS surveys, with an average response time of about 5 minutes.

International SMS panel means more interaction with customers
Use the International SMS panel to boost brand engagement and your business with customers.

For example, as we said, if you have an international brand and you need to send an email or SMS to inform your customers of the latest changes, now you need to send an SMS to the UK and send an SMS to Iraq, which are your target countries. And let them know the latest news and developments.

As you have read in this short article, the benefits of an international SMS panel are far greater than you might think, and you should not easily overlook the SMS marketing channel.

With this marketing channel, you can inform your customers about the latest news, discounts, and updates of your site or business, if you can create accurate campaigns for this marketing channel, you will surely succeed. Of course, in this way, you will need detailed information about the rules of sending international SMS, and reading this short article, you can get the information you need. You can also use Telirco’s consultants for free to send text messages to countries around the world.

Work with an international SMS panel beyond borders

We recommend using an international SMS panel when you are launching an international site or have an app that can attract international customers. Customers abroad must be able to receive an activation code for registration and be notified of notifications.

Another advantage of an international SMS panel is for business representatives of foreign companies who can send their product promotion to the target country internationally. If your SMS panel does not send SMS to customers abroad, the best solution is to use an international SMS panel.

Tariffs for sending international SMS to countries outside Iran
To send an SMS, the tariff for sending an international SMS is different from the internal SMS. In this link you can see Telirco tariffs for different countries.

Things to know when sending an international SMS!

To send an international SMS, get a commercial SMS panel. Note that the base panel, economic panel, and corporate panel do not have this feature.
As soon as you purchase the International SMS panel, send a support ticket to enable the international SMS sending and SMS sending module.
You do not need to write a program to send an international SMS with the DIGITS plugin.
The cost of sending an international SMS is different from the cost of sending an internal SMS. You can read the tariffs from this link.
Make sure the text of the text message is written in English. Each standard English text message contains 160 characters.
International SMS pricing is based on dollars and euros.
Target countries have set special rules for the observance of citizenship rights, and in order to study these laws, read the relevant post and use the relevant laws to organize your strategy.
Select Telirco to purchase an international SMS panel.
– Telirco products in the telecommunications platforms section include the international management platform for sending and receiving SMS. This dedicated platform allows you to send messages to more than 1,800 foreign operators connecting to three international SMS companies.

– To prevent messages from being spammed, they will be sent automatically and with special SMS settings during the allowed hours.

– Companies can select the international SMS sender number selecting specific coins.

Other benefits of the Telirco International SMS panel include sending bulk SMS to the blacklist, sending SMS from the map, sending SMS to European, Asian, American, Middle Eastern countries (Afghanistan, Iraq), and so on.

– If, after reading this article, you decide to create an international SMS panel for your business, click on the Demo Request button and share your concerns with us so that our experts can be with you along the way.

Telirco will also help you providing ready-made templates for better marketing. If you need more information about these templates, read the relevant post.

Also, if you need to use the international SMS service, you can go to

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