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How to make money from USSD? |Marketing channels 2019 


Marketing channels 2019

In fact Digital campaigns have the basic principles of traditional marketing, but they are very different in approach and use of tools. 

The most important digital subset of internet marketing is sometimes confused with digital marketing itself, but digital campaign startup tools are not limited to search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and banner advertising. In addition to the domain that Internet commerce offers in digital marketing, other channels such as text messaging, USSD code services, digital television ads and electronic billboards can also be used. They can be accessed on any of these channels or online. There is a question, How to make money from USSD? It will be explained more below.

USSD Uses in Digital Marketing Campaigns and Mobile Payments

Nowadays, electronic services and mobile payments are helping people to save time, energy and costs. Organizations have  tried their own way to increase customer satisfaction and facilitate financial transactions. They look for new channels to find new customers. But it is not enough to find a new channel because it's more important to have a related and efficient marketing channel. USSD code needs a USSD platform and it's an easy and quick way to provide service for your customers. Here we have 3 USSD codes samples.

 3 USSD codes Businesses which their services are:

• Offering a variety of up-to-date mobile payment services including charge charging, bill payment and internet packages.

ussd can make money
• Mobile value added services in the country such as designing contests and surveys on mobile platforms.
• Assigning acceptance and promotion codes to sell and promote products to companies
• providing a variety of services such as charity, citizenship, student services.



These USSD codes are *780# , *740# and *7#

USSD in marketing campaign. *7#
Always get a 20% and 30% charge when purchasing a charge from # 7 *

Telico USSD Platform is a very simple platform for everyone who wants to run a marketing campaign or run a business in a creative way.It is possible to make money from USSD. One of them is running a USSD code as a marketing channel to connect with your customers and sell a value to them.

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