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Nowadays it's so easy to make money from home. No need for having an office, no need to be an employer and works 8 hours a day. Here we want to talk about the ways you can make money from Internet. USSD Platform is one of these ways.

make money from internet in Africa

How to make money fast in South Africa in 2020? in this article, there are 10 ways to make money fast in Africa.

1. Sell out stuff that you do not need

2. Rent extra space in your house

3. Fill out paid surveys

4. Pay cheap and save more

5. Invest in South African fashion

6. Paying websites

7. Freelancing 

8. Affiliate marketing

9. Rent your car

10. Use promotional leads 

On 5 easy ways for South Africans to make money online in 2019


All you will need to do is find a supplier, build a Shopify store, and make sure the products are ordered after your customer makes a purchase. It has proven to be a really popular model, as you don’t need much money to get started, and if you get it right, you can build a very lucrative store.

2-T-shirt design

There are some ways to do this. check out the website to read more about this.

3-Affiliate marketing

Just select a product of a niche market. Have a good relationship with the audience and get a commission from each sale. You can invest in your website and do SEO techiques to improve well.

4-Influencer marketing

Pick a niche you are interested in and grow the page with related posts. When you have a large enough following and good engagement, companies will pay you for page posts, stories and shoutouts.

5-Amazon seller

Start off researching what type of products are selling well on the platform looking at the Best Seller Rating (BSR) on individual products. The lower the BSR, the more in demand the product. You can also use platforms such as Jungle Scout to streamline your research process and find winning products. The next step is to find wholesalers that stock these products at good prices and purchase the unit numbers you require.

make money from internet

This is a good response on Quera :

  • Article writing: If you are a good writer, you can earn money writing articles for people with websites. here is some Sites That Pay You to Write Articles Online: Get Paid to Blog About Anything : Wow Women on Writing , CollegeHumor , The Daily Heckle .
  • Sell A Service On Fiverr : Fiverr is a website where people sell lots of services at $5 a pop. People sell all sorts of things there – from advice giving to article writing and many things in between. Browse through the site to get an idea of what people are offering. You can either offer the same things, create new “gigs”, or both. For every “gig” you sell, you make $4 and Fiverr keeps $1. Some of the more popular gigs can easily earn you $100 or more a day.
  • Translation: If you know any other second language, then it will help you make money opting for translation jobs. This is another easy way to make use of your spare time and convert it into money. Especially if you know any of the languages for which translators are in huge demand. get started with this website : , Unbabel , .
  • Buying and selling links: In order to get higher search engine rankings on Google, a lot of people feel that they need to have a lot of backlinks pointing their site. just search online for ‘’Buying and selling links to ways”
  • write ebooks and sell them.
  • Participate in Paid Surveys: This is one of the ways that a lot of students love to make easy and quick cash. When you work with paid surveys, you get paid to participate in surveys as well as share your opinion. While these don’t pay as well as some other options, the earnings add up, and all work is very easy. just search for ‘’ the top surveys website”
  • Click on ads and get paid: Some companies will pay you to click on their advertisements in hopes of you liking the content on the other side. hers is some website : clixsense ; twodollarclick ; ptcsitesfan ; wikihow ; star-clicks

USSD Platform

Africa is a good place to run a business USSD or contact with MNOs or MVNOs to get a USSD code from them and make a business the USSD platform for yourself or others.

Telirco has USSD Platform and there is a good opportunity for anyone who can sell to get a considerable commission from each sale.

Contact us for more information.


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