IVR in helth care industry

IVR: 10 Benefits in Healthcare

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of such technology that has been introduced in the health sector to automating appointment booking process, payment process, and inquiry process. It not only help the health service provider in collecting money easily but also lower the investment cost. Nowadays, IVR providers offer a range of customised devices that integrates easily with hospital’s system. It is cost-efficient, self-service and business specific device. Let’s explore the benefits of using IVR at hospitals and clinics. IVR Benefits in Healthcare are:

1-24/ 7 Support

One of the IVR benefits in Health care is that Callers can call at any hour of the day to refill their prescription. By using the keypad on your phone the caller submits the refill number for the prescription and it can be sent to the Pharmacy computer system.


 Due to the anonymity of IVR systems it is easy to provide assistance to people who have a need for information about sensitive issues.  Some of these sensitive situations can include: drug and alcohol abuse treatment, sexual abuse, and risk related behavior.

3-Provide Treatment 

When a client is suffering from something such as anxiety attack they can contact the right number and use their private code to hear prerecorded treatment information directly from their doctor. This information can be used to help treat those with such diseases as: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, and drug and alcohol abuse.

4-Budget Friendly

Staying within budget is one of the most important parts of any business. IVR if done properly shouldn’t break the bank. With employees now having the ability to complete higher priority tasks there will be less overtime needed and less employees needed. Since you’ve lowered the cost in other areas of your business there will be more available money left in your budget to create the IVR that is needed

ivr in hospitals

5-Automated appointment booking

Booking appointment is one of the primary concern for patients and giving appointment correctly is important for hospitals. Installing IVR smoothen the process and let patient book appointment through the phone call. Automated interactive voice response - IVR - is commonly used as a way of reminding patients about medical appointments.

So, it not only ease the process but also makes it efficient for both ends.

6-Easy payment process

IVR also let patients reach to automated payment processor directly and offer easy payment 24X7 a day.

7-Automates inquiry system

There are many times when patients want to get the answer to their minimal inquiry. With IVR implementation, patients can get the answer to their queries without an agent attending them

8-Quick retrieval of patient history:

Knowing and studying patient disease history is key; and doctors need to do so before they plan treatment for their patients. The IVR system is a boon to doctors and the healthcare industry in general as the system enables recording of patient disease history and replay of the same at any convenient time chosen the doctor.

9-Saves time and offers better service to patients

When patients call in, the IVR system has an Auto attendant feature which activates auto reply to a call.

10-Cost effective product

It has proved itself to be extremely efficient, reliable, and easy to use which can result in optimizing time, manpower and money, the most valuable resource of any industry.



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