How to get a USSD code for my business?

How to get a USSD code

How to get a USSD code for my business? 

TelirCo's USSD Platform is scalable, robust, and performs consistently well over time. As a fundamental part of your organization services, it will improve your organization's productivity and efficiency and increase your Business Customers like MNOs, MVNOs and VAS subscribers.
Mobile operators typically use USSD for their internal applications such as balance checks, top-ups, data bundles, and promotions.
Unstructured Supplementary Services Data, or simply USSD, is a fast, secure and simple means of communications provided over mobile phone platform help of which users can gain access to service providers' menu and receive their desired services.

How to get a USSD code?

The service requires no special settings or installation on the handset and can be used any handset with any operating system.

More recently, banks and utility companies have started taking advantage of the protocol to build mobile banking and utility management applications.

Now, this in itself is not special — but there’s something unique about apps on USSD that make the protocol very valuable for the market — USSD works on every phone.
In the past, developing USSD applications was a specialized activity that was typically performed network engineers who had some level of professional training. Just see how many USSD developer jobs are listed on LinkedIn.But now is different. It's easy to create a USSD code for your business.

USSD Platform
Over the last few years, banks and other large companies have deployed their USSD applications at great cost due to the engineering effort and equipment required. Until very recently, individuals and small organizations could never even dream of building their own USSD apps.
But now, something truly incredible has happened, with the end result being it’s suddenly become very easy for developers to build USSD apps, using the TelirCo USSD platform, even non-technical people can enjoy making and managing a USSD code menu, getting reports and analysis and implement almost every possible business processes on USSD.
The utility of USSD has exceeded use cases far beyond what its designers originally imagined. For example, one can design and apply virtually any of their desired processes from their web, app, IVR or any other portals on their respective USSD code, to better communicate with customers.

TelirCo USSD Platrfom

The TelirCo USSD Gateway is a platform that can manage and/or route USSD messages. Even the most basic mobile phone supports USSD messages. This means that subscribers do not need to download an app or login to a website to get interact with the business like registering, getting latest information and marketing messages, and notifications like “Get our latest discounts”. The advantage of USSD for message delivery and notification is that it is session-based and very efficient. Session-based communications are more reliable than services like email and short message service (SMS). This makes it useful for fast and simple real-time applications like balance checking, voice chat and advertising. Because USSD supports process supplementary service (PSSR) and unstructured supplementary service notify (USSN).

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Since USSD is so efficient, there is a huge advantage to using it when subscribers are abroad and roaming. All USSD messages are directed to the subscribers' home network but they can also be directed to a visiting network enabling a virtual home environment (VHE), which reduces operator costs and greatly improves user experience as all services work the same wherever they are. And, while modern 4G/LTE networks support voice chat applications using SIP, USSD-based voice chat applications can work seamlessly and well across older GPRS, 2G and 3G networks, providing the widest possible compatibility footprint for services important to the subscriber. The TelirCo USSD Platform is a completely proprietary solution written in php and strictly adheres to the standards and specifications defined the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). With full support for virtual machine (VM) and network functions virtualization (NFV) architectures, the TelirCo USSD Platform is very easy to setup and deploy in different environments, allowing MNOs/MVNOs to start providing interactive messaging and content delivery services with a minimum of support and training, and more importantly, providing 3rd party businesses and developers with a flexible API and GUI to make and manage their USSD processes and menus.

It provides easy integration with any 3rd party communication protocol or system using industry-standard telecom interfaces including SS7 MAP, TCAP, INAP, or ISUP. USSD Platform also supports Internet-based communication interfaces and protocols including SIP and HTTP. The TelirCo USSD Platform provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) allowing the users to completely configure their USSD codes, create sub codes and manage users and access levels, configure, monitor and manage the platform through a convenient user-friendly interface.

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TelirCo USSD Platform Features

TelirCo’s Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) Platform is a network element that connects between the mobile signaling networks (SS7) and HTTP-based Value-Added Service Applications.
USSD applications can create new revenue streams for the mobile operator and its business clients. USSS can be used for real-time charging, content delivery, polling and surveys, banking services and more.
The USSD platform allows subscribers to send USSD messages in order to receive information and services from the operator. USSD messages are session-based, meaning they require an online continuous connection. This makes USSD messaging much faster than SMS messages (no Store-and-Forward). Our simple and easy RESTful HTTP API allows any web developer to easily create new USSD applications for the mobile network.

Here are some of the features of the platform:

1. A simple and easy to use RESTful API, which allows for the development of additional USSD services any web developer.
2. High speed message transfer
3. Multi-tenant USSD Platform enables operators to provide native real-time services and interactive content delivery applications to mobile subscribers with both network push and menu-based interaction across multiple branded services. As the provided content and services operates smoothly in the mobile operating system, the subscribers do not need to download an app and create yet another account on a separate service to receive rich content or notifications.
4. Highly scalable architecture: Carrier-grade scalability and reliability with load balancing and clustering support for automated failover delivers an excellent user experience for mobile subscribers.
5. Multilingual support for both UCS2 and GSM 7-bit format enables world-wide support for rich content and notifications in Latin (e.g., English, Spanish, and French) and non-Latin (e.g., Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic) languages.
6. On premise and cloud deployment options provide outstanding flexibility for service provider and enterprise applications. Fully self-contained and highly optimized, the USSD Platform supports both network functions virtualization (NFV) and clustered virtual machine (VM) deployments.
7. Convenience: With an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) business administrators can easily interact with the software.
8. High-Level Access: Users don’t need to have IT or Programming knowledge, and they can edit their respective menu, anytime, anywhere.
9. Easy to Integrate: In every step, the software supports API call from other services to receive, process or send data and information.
10. High TPS: The software can endure high Transaction per Second using Ordinary, low-cost servers and network infrastructure.
11. Integration with VMS, SMS, and other platforms: TelirCo provides VMS, IVR, Call center and SMS systems, completely integrated with each other. Moreover, it is very easy to integrate the TelirCo SDP with any other software since it can comprehend and use any API.
12. 724 Support: Any time, any day, users can receive support using the integrated ticketing system and/or other means of communication.

USSD Use Cases for Businesses


The most important things for your company to consider when choosing USSD Platform are a confident and quick way for making money from it, an easy way for customers to connect with their customers, a fast way to run and improve a business.

A confident and quick way of making money

TelirCo's USSD Platform will streamline technologies and services across your organization and integrate new solutions while keeping the best of what you already have.
TelirCo can provide the Platform for your company, so you can integrate with MNOs and offer this Platform to them. The operators can provide services for consumers. Moreover, you may propose the MNOs with the software licensing option as a high-level USSD SDP so that they can improve their revenue on USSD channel.
An easy way for customers to connect with their customers
Mobile Network Operators can offer USSD as a new communication channel to businesses which they can implement the processes of their business on it, like marketing, sales, CRM and etc. This is a suitable channel for them to have polls, votes, inquiries, tickets or request support, check the status of the purchase, and almost any other creative ideas.
The good news is that businesses can set up their USSD channel in matter of hours and use it in their campaigns and processes.
Customers, nowadays are so familiar with these USSD codes and as there is no need for internet and even smart phones; the market scale is huge enough.

A fast way to run and improve a business
With TelirCo USSD SDP, you'll have more capabilities than ever at your fingertips, but that doesn't mean a thing if you don't know how to use it. TelirCo's specialized suite of techniques and tools for transforming the USSD channel into a convenient sales and marketing channel, is unmatched in the industry. Plus, the Graphical User Interface is designed for users with no technical background, so everyone in your company can perform well, easily implement any process and run any businesses within a short amount of time.

How will it be achieved?

Each phase of your USSD Platform planning, customization, and implementation will be benchmarked against a one-month timeline consisting of weekly goals. We'll work closely with your company leadership team to implement and integrate the software solution to meet both departmental and organizational needs.

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