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Digital telco

What telecom companies do?

Before talking about Digital telco, let's know more about telecommunication companies.
Wireless telecommunications carriers provide telephone, Internet, data, and other services to customers through the transmission of signals over networks of radio towers. ... A large component of this industry segment consists of companies that provide cellular phone service, which has grown rapidly over the past decade. Now let's know more about Digital telco.

What is a digital telco?

'Digital telco' is the term used to describe carriers shifting to service provisioning that reflects the changing needs of users in a 'digital society' - so, for example, more mobile and online sales and customer support channels, connected home and living services, 'anywhere, always on' services and connectivity.
In the article of Digital transformation in the telecom industry ,in 2018, Ericsson will accelerate the as-a-Service journey to help you evolve to a true digital operator through four pillars:

First, automate your operations.

  • Simplify the way your networks are run.
  • Leverage untapped data into actionable insights and real-time decisions.

Second, upgrade your core network to an elastic, scalable network.

  • Launch industry specific networks.
  • Be on the path to 5G.

Third, fully digitalize your customer engagements.

  • Nurture the customer journey across all touch points.
  • Extend the front-end optimization to include all potential customer interactions and engagement.

Finally, launch new digital services and build ecosystems together with other industry leaders.

  • Launch a new IoT connectivity service.
  • Build a smart city ecosystem.
digital telco
Article of Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research, "Benefit of Digital Transformation for Telecommunication Organaization"
intends to outline the benefits that are realized telecommunications industry when they transform digitally.
The paper will also review some of the existing literature about the impacts that has already been realized various telecommunications companies upon transforming digitally. Recommendations about how telecommunication organizations can better realize the benefits of digital transformation have also been covered.

In another article "The 10 digital transformation journeys of the telco ,there is a good list of journies of the a telecommunications company (telco).

Journey 1: From discrete network elements to an autonomously managed, virtualized communications and cloud infrastructure

Journey 2: From reactive product-specific security to uniformly orchestrated security

Journey 3: From limited data exploitation to a uniformly orchestrated data-centric enterprise

Journey 4: From closed management systems to an Open API platform architecture

Journey 5: From a limited portfolio of traditional services, to a diverse portfolio of digital services

Journey 6: From managing a limited set of suppliers, to existing in a vibrant ecosystem of partners

Journey 7: From a limited set of business models, to utilizing multiple business models in core and adjacent markets

Journey 8: From a traditional telco organization and culture, to a digital organization and culture  

Journey 9: From focusing on traditional channels, to adopting multiple channels to market

Journey 10: From one dimensional management of customer relationships, to 360-degree omnichannel management of the customer experience


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