How to get a USSD code

How to get a USSD code for my business?

How to get a USSD code for my business? TelirCo’s USSD Platform is scalable, robust, and performs consistently well over time. As a fundamental part of your organization services, it will improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency and increase your Business Customers like MNOs, MVNOs and VAS subscribers.Mobile operators typically use…

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make money in Africa

How to make money from Internet in Africa | USSD Platform

How to make money fast in South Africa in 2020? Nowadays it’s so easy to make money from home. No need for having an office, no need to be an employer and works 8 hours a day. Here we want to talk about the ways you can make money from…

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telecommunication company

Telecommunications companies: Description of the business

What are Telecommunication companies?Telecommunications companies provide services in telephony, television, internet or any other means of transmission.What is Telecommunication?The telecommunications is a technique used to transmit a message from one place to another, so that its main characteristic is to be bidirectional.Thus, the term “telecommunication” will include all kinds of…

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USSD Flowchart

How to make money from USSD? | Marketing channels 2019

How to make money from USSD? |Marketing channels 2019    Marketing channels 2019 In fact Digital campaigns have the basic principles of traditional marketing, but they are very different in approach and use of tools.  The most important digital subset of internet marketing is sometimes confused with digital marketing itself,…

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USSD code of social security of Iran

USSD code of Social Security Organization of IRAN

User Guide for USSD Social Security Organization of IRANUSSD code of Social Security Organization of IRAN is USSD code *142# (for Hamrah-aval sim cards) and  the USSD code *1420# (for MTN and Rightel sim cards). It used to see the insurance records.Ali Moayeri, Director General, of Social Security Organization of Iran…

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virtual business card benefits

Virtual Business Cards | Why you should have one.

Virtual Business Card| Why you should have one?What is virtual business card?Virtual Business Card is a very simple and quick way to send your contact information to your customers.Have you ever gone to a meeting and you have forgotten your business cards?Have you ever given a speech to dozens of…

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USSD Gamification

USSD Gamification Campaigns

What Is Gamification? Gamification is the integration of game mechanics into something that already exists – a website, enterprise application or online community – with the aim of motivating engagement and loyalty. In other words, it uses the building blocks of game design for non-gaming purposes and taps into the positive…

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تلیرکو USSD

7 USSD uses for businesses (useful  for your business)

7 Uses of the USSD Technology that it is useful  for your businessUSSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a GSM communication technology that makes it simple that a message could exchange between a mobile device and the network’s operating computer or the main application program. The USSD technology can…

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marketing campaign ussd

Running A Successful USSD Campaign

Four Smart Ways In Which USSD Campaigns Benefit Businesses Use USSD codes on all social media campaigns as your ‘call to action’ – this sifts the response to those genuinely interested. Market research is a cinch to run – coding can provide invaluable information and feedback from your entire user…

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