IVR in insurance

IVR Systems And their Uses In The Insurance Industry

What is IVR?Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony technology that interacts with the callers, gathers their information and understands their reason for the call, and routes them to the most appropriate agent within a team. It allows call centers to reduce costs, improve customer service and increase business…

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Benefits of IVR | Why IVR is good for your business?

According to this article ,in order to be cost-effective a company can use several devices and technologies which can reduce the costs as IVR benefits, ate the same time it increase the productivity of the compnay.Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one automation which can increase the sales and productivity of…

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ivr service

IVR System questions (We answer these 7 questions here)

In this post you’re going to read 7 most frequently asked questions of people and who are interested in telecommunication field. So we collect and answe these IVR systems questions: What is IVR solution? Why is IVR important? What is an IVR system banking? How the IVR software works? What…

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telecommunication company

Telecommunications companies: Description of the business

What are Telecommunication companies?Telecommunications companies provide services in telephony, television, internet or any other means of transmission.What is Telecommunication?The telecommunications is a technique used to transmit a message from one place to another, so that its main characteristic is to be bidirectional.Thus, the term “telecommunication” will include all kinds of…

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IVR تلیرکو

What is IVR? | 6 Benefits of IVR for your company

What is IVR? | 6 reasons to use it for your companyMaybe you think that you don’t know what is IVR but I’m sure you know but you didn’t know the name of that service you have used before. Here in this blog post of TelirCo Blog, I want to…

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IVR in helth care industry

IVR Benefits in Healthcare | Interactive Voice Response

IVR: 10 Benefits in HealthcareInteractive Voice Response (IVR) is one of such technology that has been introduced in the health sector to automating appointment booking process, payment process, and inquiry process. It not only help the health service provider in collecting money easily but also lower the investment cost. Nowadays,…

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