According to this article ,in order to be cost-effective a company can use several devices and technologies which can reduce the costs as IVR benefits, ate the same time it increase the productivity of the compnay.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one automation which can increase the sales and productivity of a company.

Here are a few factors which prove how IVR comes to the company’s rescue (IVR benefits):

IVR benefits


1) Skill-Based Routing:

The first reason to have an IVR is that the menu can be designed to route callers to the most appropriate agent to deal with the call. Simply putting a caller through to the first agent available who is not efficient enough to handle the customer’s problem, will again have to put the client’s call on hold while searching for another agent who can help. This may lead to a lengthy period on hold and risks the caller getting frustrated and having an impression of inefficiency.

2) IVR over Manpower:

There are a number of benefits which both business and their customers can get from an IVR system. A contact center typically is flooded with queries that are routine and simple in nature. These queries could be routed to the IVR which can then be resolved through the information or channel provided in the system. For all the inbound calls, customer care need not be present. This incurs the need to appoint only the specialized agents. That frees up the call center agents to handle more complex, or higher-value transactions, or more difficult inquiries. In addition to simplifying the way businesses answer customer calls, IVR systems also save companies money not having to pay employees to do the work the system is automatically taking care of. If it can answer the client’s question without transferring to an agent the company saves a significant amount of money.

Even if the agents are busy and unable to attend the call, the customers get the choice of getting the response from the IVR system and get their queries solved. Moreover, the “millennial customers” who are more technologically inclined prefer getting an automated solution rather than talking directly to the agents.


IVR benefits

3) Prioritize the customer:

The IVR connects to the CRM which stores the customer’s details and it is displayed on the agent screen when the customer calls. High-value customers who are assets to the company deserve to get connected directly to skilled agents. This can be done recognizing them and immediately passing them through the menu tree to appropriate agents.

The remaining existing customers are likely to be best served a custom IVR designed to meet their needs, based on what it knows about the customer, in terms of their profile and in terms of what products they have purchased from you.

4) Improved First Call Resolution rates:

Another great feature of this system is now available to the call centers; a speech-enabled IVR, gives customers the privilege of carrying out transactions or get information about products and services on their own, without interacting with a live agent. This will result into zero call drops. These self-service solutions, can get call centers higher “first call resolution rates”, whether it is informational, transaction-based, or outbound.

5) Works even in the absence of the agents:

IVR is proficient to companies more after the office hours or when there are a holiday and no agent is available. For eg there is a bank holiday and a customer needs an account inquiry the system can solve the issue and avoid the possibility of call drops.

Logistic companies work more on the IVR only. The customers call to track their parcel carriers, it is the system that gives the updation about the goods. The need for customer care arises to the least. But the IVR system should be designed efficiently.

Interactive Voice Response system is an intelligent and efficient technology for the companies. Though no technology can replace humans, but still it can be used as a substitute many times.

Advantages of IVR Solutions in Business

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is basically the technology that enables peoples to interact with a system which is automated through the keypad of their phones. This technology enhances the best responsive and interactive System for a hassle-free relationship between a business and its customer. Many companies now using IVR solutions as a marketing tool. There are several advantages of using an IVR Solution for a Business. They are some IVR benefits we discuss more:


Basically, IVR Solutions are very cost-effective. Because the implementation and installation costs are less. Also, it can able to reduce reception staff from an office. The Complete system itself handles all calls to certain departments. This gives a higher ROI also. For this reason Business owners love this IVR Solutions.

Increases Productivity

With an IVR Solution, a business can able to route all calls to the desired departments. Hence, these systems are perfectly instant and responsive. Such an effective system enables the staff to spent less time in conferring with colleagues to access the right answer or transfer the calls. This time-saving process can increase productivity in an organization.

Increase the Credibility & Reputation of The Company

In Simple words, IVR Solution is an Illusion. By getting a recorded voice prompt at the beginning of a call, it resembles a better dignity of that organization. So, an IVR Solution can make your business or office look bigger than what it is.

Totally Error-free

A receptionist in an office requires to attend hundreds of calls daily. Handling so many calls will lead to create errors sometimes. IVR is an extreme solution for this problem. IVR Have an Auto-attendant system. By this, a caller or customer is responsible for where they are going. So, IVR is called as an error-free system.

Can Attend calls on the first attempt

This will be the major advantage of this system. Questions will be answered and problems will be resolved on the first try itself. This quality function results in satisfied customers and a more responsive customer support department.

Telirco Solutions provides the best IVR Solutions inIran. It is very important to reach all customers in a business and engage them in all processes. Perfectly, IVR Solutions can able to use as the best marketing tool.


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