A Radical Guide of Spending Less Time on Your Phone

Here is an info-graphic of what I have read on forge.medium.com. It is about " Spending Less Time on Your Phone " and a radical guide for it.

These are the questions:

  • How the people in the past live.
  • Why they didn't have this stressful and fast life.
  • How they have lots of time without this technology.
  • Why they were so kind with each other?
  • Why we lose all of them.

I don't know the answers just like you. But I think this article can help us to buy our time again. We should be in the moment and cut every things that can waste our time and decrease our concentration. Let's enjoy more of our life.

A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone
Infographic of "A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone"

All of these guides are some techniques of Time management too. If we want to spend less time on phone, it is very important to change the life style. Don't let the social networks, websites which has nothing to increase your knowledge and they are just a waste of time to be part of your life. 

Our company has some platform that most of them are used cell phone devices (feature or smart)

But we are so glad that we produce something that are tools which can save time. They are tools that can make the way shorter for the customer. 

When you want to use USSD code to pay something, there is no need to spend lots of time on it. Or even you forget to do it because you are in other applications. 

Totally, find the best ways for yourself to enjoy more and don't seek in the ocean of social networks or other useless cases of internet. Use these items of this infographic as a Good Guide to change your lifestyle.

Good Luck

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